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Production of cotton and
paper products
Anteks Group
About us
"ANTEKS GROUP" has been operating in the global textile market for the past 11 years.

ANTEKS GROUP is a leading manufacturer of 100% cotton yarn located in the Andijan region of the Fergana Valley of the Republic of Uzbekistan, exporting products of its own production.

We export to countries such as: China, Russia, India, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
Company in numbers
There are 10 production factories on the balance of the enterprise.
Annual demand for raw cotton. fiber is 50,000 tons
Annual production capacity cotton yarn is 40,000 tons
The annual export volume of cotton yarn for the year is USD 70,000,000.
Converting compacted fiber bales into loose pulp using the needles and tines of a loosening machine.
Receiving a large batch of well-mixed components, which makes it possible to produce yarn of a certain stable quality for a long time.
Further loosening of the pulp and removal of trash impurities. Carried out on scutching machines.
Removal of short fibers and obtaining a tape consisting of long, uniform along the length, well-straightened and parallel fibers. On combing machines, the fibers are combed with special combs on both sides.
Getting a semi-finished product more uniform in thickness. To do this, the tape is folded in several folds and pulled out. Processing can be carried out sequentially several times on several draw frames, as a result of which the thickness of the resulting product is leveled.
Folding and pulling tapes
Production steps include:
Separation of the scraps into separate fibers, straightening, parallelizing them, cleaning from the remaining impurities and defects. On carding machines, cotton is combed with needle-like surfaces. The material is passed between a rapidly rotating drum and slowly rotating needle belt plates or rollers. The combed fiber is removed from the surface of the removable drum over the entire width with a fast-speed comb and enters a round funnel, forming into a carded belt
Gradual pulling of the sliver into the roving, carried out on roving frames. It includes the final stretching to the desired thickness, twisting it and winding it onto the packages.
Obtaining yarn from roving, winding the yarn on a package, convenient for further processing. Carried out on spinning machines.
Equipment in our factories
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